There are many oil additives and supplements available. Any parts house has a huge selection of them. They promise to extend mileage, improve oil pressure, reduce oil consumption, increase engine, transmission or gear life, make the oil more slippery or more sticky and even climb up an egg beater!

The oil companies spend millions of dollars in research and development of their products and believe me- if there was a way to make better oil products they would do it. The oils we sell are carefully formulated with a balanced additive system to give your equipment the utmost in protection and performance. Adding after market additives can in fact disrupt the carefully engineered synergy of the product and do more harm than good.

If you want better oil pressure or reduce oil consumptiom- buy a heavier viscosity oil. Most viscosity improving oil additives are just a goey mess that thickens and increases the viscosity of the oil. Bear in mind that while thicker oil may stay in an engine better, the thinner, lighter viscosity oils recommended by OEMs provide superior mileage and facilitate cold weather starting. If an engine consumes its recommended viscosity oil, it is a mechanical issue- usually bad seals or gaskets or worn piston rings or valve guides. Using thicker oil or an additive may reduce oil consumption as a short term solution but the mechanical problem will still exist and get worse. Get it fixed and use the right oil before you find yourself trying to start your vehicle some frosty morning next winter at -20 with additives that made the oil SAE 40 in the crankcase!

The popular 'egg beater' test for gear oils shows brand x quickly  'climbing' the blades implying that this is what would happen in your gear box. The truth is that this feature dissapprears pretty quickly as the gear oil is churned furiously in the heat and shear of a real life gear box- a much different situation than a few seconds cranked by hand with the egg beater.

Buy a good oil - it is just fine the way it is to do the job intended. Something too good to be true usually is. Save your money and skip the oil additives.