In 1975 Congress enacted the Magnuson-Moss Act to regulate consumer product warranties. An examination of the law reveals that manufacturers can issue specifications for oils used in their equipment to maintain warranty but they must allow consumers to use any oils that meet these specifications. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can not refuse to honor a warranty for using non-OEM oils so long as the oils meet the OEM's specifications and are used in accordance with the OEM's required schedule of maintance. That is the law in broad strokes. You can Google Magnuson-Moss Act and read all about it for yourself. Another thing to keep in mind is that equipment manufcturers don't make their OEM branded lubricants themselves. They put their specs out for bid and make a deal with a lubricants manufacturer, ususally one of the major oil companies, to make it for them. Getting customers back to the parts counter for oil and grease is very profitable so dealers like to encourage the use of OEM lubricants. Sometimes they even hint that unless you use their oil, you may face warrany issues.

This is not true. Here at Doolittle Oil you can bring in your equipment manual and we will help you find alternatives to often costly OEM fluids. Not only will your OEM have to honor your warranty but all of our suppliers have issued their own guarantees on the performance of their products against oil related damage caused by their products used in a recommended application and in the recommended manor as well. The only way an OEM can specify using only their proprietary products and deny warranty for not using them is if they provide the required item at no charge to the customer. Sometimes OEM's specify products that we do not have a replacement for and in those cases, you may well need to use an OEM product. Examples are special transfer case oils that are of such limited use that our suppliers can not justify producing a product for the application.


Phillips 66 Lubricants warranty statement:



Shell Lubricants warranty statement