We deliver our products on our company trucks traveling regular routes in north central Iowa. Look at the FAQ- WHAT IS YOUR DELIVERY SCHEDULE. If you are outside the area served by company delivery truck, or if you need an emergency shipment to get you out of a jam, we can ship to you via FedEx or Spee-Dee Delivery. Unless it is seriously our fault that you didn't get something you were supposed to get, we will ship pre-paid and charge you the costs incurred. For shipments within IOWA and the surrounding mid-western states we recommend Spee-Dee Delivery Service. They are very reliable and their fees are much lower than FedEx. If you prefer FedEx or you are outside Spee-Dee's service area, we will use FedEx. We do not use UPS.

OR you are always welcome to pick up your items at our locations in Fort Dodge or Webster City, IA. We try and accomodate will-call orders as soon as possible but we appreciate it if you call ahead and give us a heads up when you are coming and what you want to pick up. For directions and hours see FAQ- DIRECTIONS TO FACILITIES.