There is a lot of concern about the presence and quantity of zinc in engine oil. Zinc and phosphorus in the form of Zinc DialkylDithioPhosphate, or ZDDP for short, has been added as an anti-wear agent to engine oil for many years. It forms an inter-face between metal parts to help prevent wear. Incompatibility with the catalytic converter in the emmission control systems found in newer cars and trucks has made it necessary to significantly reduce the amount of ZDDP used in the engine oils intended for these vehicles. The new formulations are pretty good at protecting those engines designed to use them but what about older engines or high performance engines with heavily loaded valve springs that exert great pressure on the cam shaft lobes and followers? Fortunately there are still some high ZDDP oils available at Doolittle Oil for your high performance engine. We handle:

Brad-Penn 20W-50 'green' racing oil

Penz 25W-50 GT Racing Oil

Union 76 Lubricants High Performance 20W-50

and last but by no means least- our own Xtreme Universal 20W-50

Xtreme Universal 20W50 is certified API CI with a ZDDP content in the range of 1200 ppm zinc and 900 ppm phosphorus. (we can't tell you exactly or we'd have to kill you!. Just kidding.) This oil will emulsify with methanol so is suitable for methanol fueled engines. The name Xtreme Universal is lame and we know it. A name like 'Super High Performance Racing Oil 20W-50' would be more exciting but we have to be practical. We sell a lot of racing oil but we sell a lot more to other markets. The name Xtreme Universal 20W-50 works for more people so we went with that. The good news is that racers and gear heads can buy Xtreme Universal 20W-50 for a whole lot less than any other CI high ZDDP oil out there. Don't let the lame name and low price fool you. This is a superb high performance, high ZDDP formulation at a value price.