Operators of boom trucks or 'bucket lift' trucks know how critical it is to use the right hydraulic oil. The oil must be 'thin' so that the controls are not slow and sluggish in cold weather. Because of the possibilty of coming into contact with high voltage electric lines, the oil must have a high di-electric quality in order to not conduct electricity.

For many years the standard recommendation for boom truck hydraulic oil was aircraft hydraulic oil meeting Mil-H-5606A. For this requirment Doolittle Oil stocks Phillips XC Aviation Hydraulic Oil H-5606 in convenient 6 by 1 gallon cases or in 55 gal drums as a special order. This fluid is dyed red. This is an excellent choice however because of it aviation certification, it is quite expensive.

As an alternative we also stock an industrial hydraulic oil that has qualities similar to the aviation product at a much lower price. Our XP Hydraulic Oil AW ISO 15 comes in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. XP Hydraulic Oil AW ISO 15 has extreme cold weather capabilities and has a di-electric quality in excess of 35KVA. XP Hydraulic Oil AW 15 is undyed and is a clear very light natural colored oil. If color is required, we can dye the product red.

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