XPP BRICK GREASE Brick Grease is a 'hard' NLGI 6 grease made in block or brick form for the lubrication of open, low-speed,heavy-duty industrial bearings equipped with grease collars.Brick Grease is manufactured with high quality base oils and lithium or sodium soap to provide exceptional protection for trunnion bearings.  


  • Ball, tube, rod and mill bearings
  • Paper machine dryer section bearings
  • Kiln cars
  • Dehydrators

Brick Grease can be used as is, or it can be cut into smaller blocks to fit the bearing opening. It normally rides directly on the bearing shaft. As the shaft rotates, it wipes a film of grease on the bearing surface, keeping it well lubricated over a wide temperature range. 

Outstanding Features

  • Uniform consistency
  • Provides good lubrication over wide range of bearing temperatures
  • Does not harden, bake or glaze in service 
  • Compact 4 pound brick for easy application
  • Available in both Lithium and Sodium formulations 

There was a time when brick grease was commonly used but today it is hard to find. If you have an application calling for brick grease, look no further- call Doolittle Oil. We can FedEx it to you anywhere.

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