Doolittle Oil is a strategic distributor of ultrapure, aldehyde-free DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Late model diesel highway vehicles use a solution of liquid urea in the emsission control system to neutralize harmful oxides of nitrogen - NOx  into nitrogen and water. Use of DEF will also soon be required in off-road ag and construction equipment too. DEF is available in 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums and 330 gallon totes. Doolittle Oil also sells special pumps and other equipment required to handle DEF.

If you just have one vehicle- such as a new diesel pick-up that requires DEF, purchase your DEF in the 2.5 gallon jugs. If you have one or two diesel trucks you may find purchasing your DEF in 55 gallon drums to be more convenient and cost effective. If you have a fleet of diesel powered vehicles or several peices of ag or construction equipment, the 330 gallon tote is the least expensive way for you to buy DEF. If you have a truck dock and a fork lift hefty enough to handle a 330 gallon tote that weighs almost 3000 # we can exchange totes with you. If you don't have the equipment to handle the tote or it is more convenient to leave your tote in place, we can re-fill it on site with a bulk delivery of DEF. DEF should be stored inside and dispensed from in a place that remains above freezing.

Ultrapure diesel exhaust fluid has a shelf life that is a function of average storage temperature and time. Between average storage temperatures of 68° F and 86° F, TerraCair® has a shelf life of 12 - 48 months. Below 68° F, the shelf life of TerraCair is virtually unlimited. TerraCair will freeze at 12° F, but thaws quickly without deterioration. This data was developed by Terra's Technical Service and Product Development Lab.

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