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The EXtreme Performance Plus Grease line is Doolittle Oil's own line of quality greases. We have these premium products specially made to our exacting specifications. By doing so we are able to offer our customers true value. Currently the Xtreme Perfromance Grease line features:

SYNGARD SUPREME- Premium NGLI grade 2 EP over based calcium sulfonate grease. This grease is a 'problem solver' and can be used where other greases fail particularily in high-temps and corrosive environments. Costs a little more but does a lot more. Special green color, available in 14 oz grease gun cartridges- 10 to a pack, 50 to a case,.

SPIDER RED- NLGI grade 2 extreme pressure (EP) lithium complex grease for a 'web of protection'. This versitile work horse is the one grease to have and may well meet all your grease needs in one product. It features a drop point in excess of 500 degees F and it's ISO 320 base oil provides long lasting protection to bearing of all types in all types of service at all temperatures. It is tackified to stay put and is red. It is great for packing wheel bearings with disc brakes and it is water resistant for boat trailer bearing too. Mr farmer, Mr contractor if you don't use Spider Red you are missing out! It is available in 400# drums, 120# kegs, 35# (5 gallon) pails and 14 oz grease gun cartridges- 10 to a pack, 40 to a case. 

SPIDER BLACK- this grease is basicially Spider Red with the addition of 3% moly disufide. The moly makes the grease dark gray. Moly is recommended for large heavily loaded plain bearings like king pins, bucket loader pins, and spring shackles. Cat recommends moly grease for their equipment. Moly disulfide is pretty expensive so it adds to the cost. Moly greases stain clothing and putting already black grease in a zerk can make it hard to know when you have new grease in it. The popularity of moly greases comes and goes but if you like moly grease, this is the one to have. It is available in 120# kegs and 14 oz grease gun cartridges- 10 to a pack, 40 to a case. 

XPP MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE 2- This is good old amber colored NLGI 2 EP lithium grease. It is a lithi-12 formulation. This grease is our least expensive and does a good job in most applications around the farm except for high temperature applications. (If you need a high temp grease, go with Spider Red) This grease comes in 120# kegs, 35 # (5gallon) pails and 14 oz grease gun cartridges- 10 to a pack, 40 to a case. 

XPP 5th WHEEL/OPEN GEAR/ DRILL ROD GREASE- This product is specially made for the 5th wheels on semi tractors. It is also good for the connenction joints on drill rod sections, and open gears like the turntable bull gear of an excavator. This is nasty black sticky grease that you don't want to get on you but is great for staying put where it is needed. It has more than 10% moly and graphite as well as a super heavy base oil. I put some of this on the propeller drive splines on my boat and 3 years later, the prop slid right off. This grease comes in a 35# (5 gallon) pail, 120# (15 gallon) keg and 400# (55 gallon) drum.

XPP RED WINTER GRADE- This is an NLGI grade 1 lithium complex grease. It's lighter consistency is just the ticket for trying to grease mobile equipment in cold weather. This grease is also good for industrial applications where an NLGI grade 1 EP grease is recommended. It is available in 14 oz grease gun cartridges only. 

XPP CONTACTOR'S GREASE WINTER GRADE- this is basically the XP RED WINTER with the addition of moly disulfide. Use it on mobile equipment in the winter. It is available in 14 oz grease gun cartridges only. 

XPP SEMI-FLUID GREASES- These come in NLGI 0 and 00. They are lithi-12 formulations for gear cases that use a sem-fluid grease instead of gear oil. We see this used alot in the gear boxes of antique tractors where maybe there are no seals or gaskets or they are leaky and won't hold gear oil. These items are amber colored and come in 35# (5 gallon) pails. 

XPP BRICK GREASE- Click here to see our featured brick grease product. Also known as 'block grease.'

  CROWN TECH EDGE HD FOOD GRADE GREASE 2  heavy duty white aluminum complex food grade grease. Formulated with high viscosity base oil for robust protection of food machinery. Recommened for use in severe duty applications such as the lubrication of pellet mills in animal feed plants where it reduces grease intervals and extends bearing life. USDA NSF H-1 certified safe for incidental food contact. This high performance grease comes in 14 oz tubes 10 to a pack, 50 to a case.

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  XPP MOLY YELLOW RE 00 ROBOT GREASE is a reasonably priced alternative to MOLYWHITE RE No 00 and is used primarily in the planetary gear reduction units of robots. This is a precision grease formulated with synthetic and mineral base oils, lithium soap and a proprietary organic molybdenum compound to provide superior anti-wear (AW) and extreme pressure (EP) protection. This grease is proudly made right here in the good ol USA and comes in a 35# (5 gallon) pail. Call us for a quote.  More information 

CUSTOM GREASE- Have a name brand grease you like but don't like the price or are having trouble getting it? Doolittle Oil has connections with several top notch grease manufacturers and maybe we can have a designer version of your grease made and save you some bucks.

BIO-BASED 5th WHEEL GREASE- Available in 400# drums, 120# kegs, 35# pails and 10 oz squeeze tubes, BioBased 5th Wheel Grease is popular with our customers. Made right here in Iowa with 94% bio content from local crops, this grease is a 'green' alternative to petroleum based grease. Unlike most environmentally friendly products Bio-Based 5th Wheel Grease is competitively priced with petroleum products! Think about it. Millions of pounds of grease are applied to the 5th wheels of trucks in America every year. Where does it go? It goes into our environment. Why not do a small thing for our environment- that won't cost extra -and use bio-based grease on your 5th wheels?

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MULTIPLEX RED 2- NLGI 2 Heavy-duty, high temp lithium complex tackified red grease

MEGAPLEX XD-3- NLGI 2 heavy duty, high temp lithium complex tackified gray grease containing 3% moly.

UNOBA 2- NLGI multi-purpose lithi 12 hydroxy stearate green grease- not for high temps.

OMNIGUARD- NLGI 2 over-based calcium sulfonate tan grease. This grease is a 'problem solver'. It works where other greases fail in high temp or corrosive environments.

POLYTAC 2- NLGI 2 poly urea red grease primarily for use in the bearing of electric motors.

TRITON 220- NLGI 2 ISO 220 synthetic base oil purple grease for extreme conditions

TRITON 460- NLGI 1.5 ISO 460 synthetic base oil purple grease for slow moving heavily loaded bearings.


GADUS S3 V220C - (FORMERLY RETINAX LX 2) NLGI 2 lithium complex red grease. A well rounded performer. Excells in high temps and heavy loads in all types of bearing in all types of service. A favorite with truckers, farmers, and contractors.

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